The Future of Freelance and the Most Sought-After Disciplines in 2023

The Future of Freelance and the Most Sought-After Disciplines in 2023

Today, self-employed workers are no longer seen as just a way to earn side jobs or side income while employed full-time. More than 57 million workers are self-employed in the United States alone and as seen in the latest report, freelance in 2023, the current global epidemic has led to both developed and emerging markets. The gig economy is exploding in both.

As the demand for freelancers continues to grow, what physical and soft skills will be seen in 2023, especially in today’s new remote work norms?

More and more freelancers are becoming very optimistic about the future of the gig economy and many are drawn to the long-term benefits such as the flexibility to work from anywhere and the lucrative income you can earn., more and more freelance markets are developing to allow professionals to find a job easily.

Here, we’ll discuss areas of expertise that are in high demand and the soft skills you need to support your career as a freelancer.

Most in-demand hard skills:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

It turns out that artificial intelligence is slowly becoming mainstream and will sooner or later replace the customer service work and customer success done by freelancers. In fact, according to a recent survey, 70% of large organizations require workers to have both automation and artificial intelligence skills.

2. Development of web applications:

One of the main reasons for the recent increase in web application development was the pandemic. As companies around the world have been forced to close their physical stores, many now operate online only. With so many companies currently selling their products online and continuing to sell them, freelancers must learn to take advantage of this area to build and develop specialized sites.

3. Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is another technical/hard skill that many companies look to in their workers. Having a background in cloud technology is becoming very important to large organizations, so if you are thinking of expanding your skill set, this is what many want.

4. Software development:

Software development skills have been on the list of the most sought-after technical skills for quite some time. In fact, with the growing number of applications on the market, demand is growing faster than most areas of IT.

5. Most in-demand soft skills:

To continue growing as a freelancer, it is important to ensure not only technical skills but also soft skills in the future. You can get more work with hard skills, but keep in mind that a lack of basic soft skills can easily lead to lost opportunities and relationships. Below are the most important soft skills you have.

  • Project management
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Problem resolution

Future-proof skills and preparation for success:

With so many new skills in demand, find out where your expertise lies and consider learning new skills to keep up with today’s competitive freelance market. Are the skills you currently possess growing or declining? Also, remember to focus on multiple practices, not just one area.

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